Jinan Yuanyi Hydraulic Equipments Co., Ltd.

Jinan Yuan Yi Hydraulic Equipments Co., Ltd. is specialized in the hydraulic pump motor and piston pump accessories and the whole pump of mixer truck, pump truck, boring machine, rotary digging drill, paver and other construction machinery.


A mixer of hydraulic system accessories are:

A Oil pump motor:

1. Rexroth REXROTH A4VTG71 A4VTG90 AA2FM63 AA2FM80 AA2FM90,

2. SAO SAUER PV22 PV23 PV24 MF22 MF23 90R100.90M100

3. Japan KYB PSVC90 MSF85

4. Eaton 5423 pump 5433 motor 6423 pump 6433 motor

5. To buy Saura KYB PV089 PV90 MV089 MV90

B reducer: Bonfiglioli, Germany ZF, Italy PMP, Saao SAUER

C fans, radiators, bearings, oil seals, temperature control switch, drive shaft, control valves, charge pump, flange, shell and various hydraulic accessories.

Two hydraulic pump system accessories:

A Pump main oil pump:

Rexroth series: A11VLO60, 75, 90, 130, 145, 190, 260, A4VG125, A4VG140, A4VG180.

Harvey Series: V30D250.

B Pump Boom Pump: A2F016, A2FO23, A2FO32, A7VO55, Harvey SC034, V60N90, Linde 55

C constant pressure pump: A10VO28 A10VO45

D pump double gear pump: Rexroth into two out and Parker two into two.

Three boring machine hydraulic system accessories:

A Boring machine main oil pump:

Rexroth A11VO145 + 145, A11VO145 + O95, A11VLO190 + 145, A11VO190 + 190

A11VLO260 + 260

2. Harvey: V30D140 + V30D75 V30D140 + V30D140 V30D160 + V30D160

B Traveling motor: A2FE107 A2FE125 A2FE160 A2FE180

C bracket motor: A6VM160 A6VM200

D Walking Reducer: GFT110T3B215 GFT80T3B185 GFT60T3B140

Four roller hydraulic pump motor and accessories:

1. With Sauer and Rexroth vibration motors and vibration pumps: A4VG56, 90R75, MPV046, 90M055 and so on.

2. Rollers, bulldozers and other construction machinery hydraulic gear pump.

Five rotary drilling rig hydraulic parts:

1. Power head motor, walking motor, winch motor.

2. Walking reducer, winch reducer, power head reducer, rotary reducer.

Six kinds of piston pump accessories: Cylinder, plunger, with oil pan, return plate, dumplings, liner, crescent bearings, oil seal, combination seal