Taizhou Vast Sea Trading Company

Our company which divided into machining department and Packaging Maching department was funded in 2008 with one million registered funds.

Machining division covers 4000 square meters including 1000 sqm factory building and 400 sqm office. Main business is manufacturing and service of general machinery parts, hydraulic and pneumatic components. The main products of machining department are railway accessories, tractor brakes, tractor clutch and harvester brakes. Currently, we have more than 20 sets of equipment among which 2 sets of CNC center and 6 sets of CNC lathes are available as well as other machine tool, for instance, EDM. In order to meet the demand of more customers, we plan to purchase another two CNC lathes in the end of the year.

Packaging Maching division covers 8000 square meters and factory building has an acreage of 3800 sqm. It has more than 80 sets of stamping equipment in a level of most advanced technology. Also, it has two lines of automatic welding.

In order to improve the quality of products, the company is specially equipped with a variety of sophisticated gauges, plug and hardness control tool. Meanwhile, Each business unit is equipped with a full-time inspector and a final inspection personnel. Inspections are in a strict process throughout all the stages from introducing materials to the factory to final products transporting out of the factory. The company has a high credibility to produce products with good qualities to meet the customers′ demand.

Sensible company is going to develop the policy that putting the most emphasis on products′ quality and spare every effort to satisfy its customers. At the same time, consecutive improvement as well as creative thinking are much needed. The principles of Sensible company are honesty, benefit and win-win situation between suppliers and consumers. Last but not the least important is to make progress and keep developing with a mass consumers′ group. By this means, to achieve the goal of creating an well-known, international brand for Sensible company